Case Study: Zebra Gre Na Luno
Category : Learning Notes
Date : 15th January 2018



The initial process of looking for the case study company does not go fluently. Dover Street Market was my first place on the list, however, after weeks of waiting and had not gotten the reply, I finally gave up.


Meeting “Zebra Gre Na Luno (ZGNL)” is an accident, or could say was a Christmas surprise. When I was travelling in Ljubljana, Slovenia with some of my classmates during my Christmas holiday. While walking around the Christmas Market in the Old Town of Slovenia, a small shop caught my eyes. There were many other designers’ shop or handmade crafts’ shop on the street, but ZGNL was different. All the products inside the shop were made with a childish style, such as pottery artworks, handmade brooches, scarfs, postcards, Christmas greeting cards, earrings, books, and other kinds of crafts. I like this shop because I love the childish art so much. It was so lucky that I could meet the project leader of ZGNL there and she accepted to interview with me.


After the whole case study process, there comes some personal feedback. ZGNL let me miss “Mi Ma Yang Art Space”, my family gallery so much. It is a place that is similar to ZGNL’s shop. There is also a “Mi Ma Yang Studio”, in which provides the drawing, sketching, and painting lessons for all ages of people but mostly the children in kindergarten and primary school. I had thought about managing the studio into a more systematic education place, which I can collect the children’s artworks, evaluate, and turn them into commercialized products and sell them in Mi Ma Yang Art Space. I hope this can help develop children’s interests in art and take their artworks into the society, not only help them develop their life with art, but also enhance the artistic atmosphere in my hometown, Tainan, Taiwan.





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