Greater London National Park City
Date : 16th January 2018



“Uncertainty Playground” is the first exhibition I visited after I came to London, and it was also a part of London Design Festival. However, the exhibition was to abstract to me at that time, I had tried my best to take some notes. Recently, I reviewed the notes I made, and I came up with some personal feedbacks.


In my point of view, the exhibition was trying to discuss what possibility could design lead us. There are so many “what if” questions when we face the future. It is an interesting topic to discuss what role would technology play in the future design, and how future design would lead the world of technology.


“Design” is not only making things more simple or more beautiful, in my opinion, to lead the world becoming a better place to live is the designers’ job. We are leaving in the world with other human beings and the natural things, thus, it is a big question how we can make our lives closer to nature.


There is a talk, “Greater London National Park City”, in the exhibition which I was really interested in. Imagine living in London which nature is just around by our side, just like living in a national park. There are many lakes and parks in London, but still, there are people doing this project to make a better London, including the project of raising bees. This project was perfect planned which is not only about hardware design, but also interaction and communicative design, including how to let people participate in the environment, how to link children’s education with nature, how to mix youth’s exercise with the greenery, and how to help the disabled to enjoy the natural environment as normal ones.


I am really interested in and admire such kind of project that can join and discuss how to make a better world and be one of the change-maker. In that way, I would be very proud that I could become one of the designers leading to a brighter world.




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