Use the Perspective of Design Management to Reflect My First Term
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Date : 16th January 2018



As a design management student, I consider myself should be a well-managed designer or a tasteful manager. Design Management, to me, is not only applied in the creative industry but the management of life. After the first term studying in MA Design Management and Cultures, I would like to use the perspective of Design Management to reflect these three months’ learning.


Language/ Communication


I remembered that “enhance my English speaking” is one of my main focus at the beginning of the semester. Thus, I became one of the course representatives, I tried my best to meet foreign friends, I caught every opportunity that can cooperate with others, and I encouraged myself to express my opinions during the class. After three months, I did not see much improvement in my speaking, however, I found myself more confident to communicate with others. And in the next term, I hope to be more confident and speak more fluently.


Attitude Toward Social Media


In my point of view, social media would play an important role in the future of my life. I use social media quite often, such as Instagram, Weibo, and Facebook, in order to reach those talented artists and designers and share my illustrations and artworks to people. People may say that using social media is a waste of time, however, it helped me meet many designers, artists, or stylists friends from LCC, CSM, and LCF after coming to London.


Time Management


Time management is a tricky thing, I thought I have this skill at the beginning but turned out that I do not have in the end. I did not do well on my assignments and always struggling till the last few minutes before the deadline. What I found the problem is that I always tried to do a fantastic thing at first, ignoring every realistic limit. I planned fantastic plans and found that I could not make it at the end. Things I need to learn is that I should think more realistic next time, try to divide my projects into small pieces, and schedule the small pieces of milestones into several timelines so that I can manage well with several projects at the same time period.




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