Fashion Design: Choker
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Date : 3rd November 2017



I came from an entrepreneurship and management background in my bachelor degree, with some working experiences in illustration, graphic design, marketing, research assistant, and project management. My goal in London is to figure out how to open an online shop in London, combining art and fashion. According to Steve Radcliffe (2012), “Powerful and effective leaders are guided by the future they want; the leader is strongest when that future is powerfully connected to what he or she cares about.” Therefore, I spend most of my time to learn in my daily life, not only learn about design management but also learn some basic concepts of fashion design and keep practising my visual art skills.


Recalling from Maureen Salmon’s talk about leadership, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, there are four domains of leadership strength, namely executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking. In my point of view, although a leader may have some special characters from birth, it would be better if a leader has different combines of skills, as well as the deep knowledge of the field and personal experiences. In order to learn about the application of textiles, I had spent some days conducting online research of some fabric shops and picked some of them, in which products I am interested, to visit personally, listed below:


  • Walter Reginald Group

A wide range of leathers, including lightweight leather and exotic finishing effects.

  • Misan Textiles

A range of fabrics.

  • Cloth House

A range of cotton textiles, including hand woven and block printed fabrics.

  • Joel & Son

A range of fabrics.



After visiting these shops, an idea of choker came into my mind, therefore, I decided to implement what I had learned. Firstly, I did some research of choker and found that choker was once a symbol of female sex workers in the 1860s. In the 1990s, choker had brought a new style to the world: rebellious and dark, widely applied in Punk, Gothic, and Japanese subculture nowadays. Recently, as many chokers are designed with leather or laces in black, there is still a hidden ambiguity as a BDSM sex tool, letting the dominant to choke and control the submissive.



Most chokers in the shop are designed focusing on their decorations, such as some rings or jewellery. However, in my case, I always consider the texture more than the decorations. For me, I prefer gentle feelings much more than the luxury appearances, thus I chose a gentle and relaxing textile to design my choker. Similar to life, the most important things are always the quality of the memories and the feelings. Maybe BDSM style is a trend in some subcultures, bringing more excitements into sexual life, I still want to advocate a kind of love that is usually ignored by the young generation- to love tenderly and comfortably. Love is not about controlling or changing the other, but decorating his or her life. The choker I designed is not a “choker”, but an accessory for a beloved one.




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