Future Matters- Exploring Our Sustainable Materiality
Date : 16th January 2018



When talking about sustainable fashion, it comes to three methods. Firstly, reduce the material, which means to do efforts on cutting drawings in order to find a way that can cut and produce the most numbers of products on the same cloth. The second one is reusing the materials, such as patchwork fashion. The third one is using the sustainable material. There are many designers and scientists looking for a better material nowadays, and this is an interesting topic, so I went to the talk held by CSM MA Material Futures, “Future Matters- Exploring Our Sustainable Materiality”.


There were many kinds of new materials mentioned in the talk, such as using the plants to plant some textiles with patterns, using the fish skins and fish leather to replace the artificial material. An interesting one is the reuse of the toilet paper. Everyone heard this and felt “Ewwww” at first, who would be willing to wear the cloth comes from the used toilet paper! However, the speaker explains that those toilet papers did not come from the bins, and were completely cleaned with a systematic process. But after she explained this, I started to wonder if it is really a sustainable material because I think this would waste a lot if they are using toilet papers which are not coming from the bins. And for the fish leather one, I also consider that it would be a waste of food because fish skin soup is a famous kind of food in Taiwan.


My favourite material in the talks is the reuse of the ash from washing machines. In my opinion, this is a truly sustainable material and could also be a commercialized business model. Furthermore, the colours of the recycled cloth are colourful and amazing.


To conclude, although many of the ideas are creative, in my point of view, only the one which can be commercialized would become a sustainable material.




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