Major Project Feedback
Category : Learning Notes
Date : 16th January 2018



The feedback of my major project from teachers is that my aim is not clear, separating into three ideas. But the problem now I am facing with is that I could not choose which one to aim at. The Disney and Harry Potter one (storytelling brand building method) is interesting but seems not link to the fashion industry. After discussing with some fashion designers, I also found out that the Wong Hong Economic is now an outdated issue. And for the online brand, SHANGLI is what I want to do indeed, but I could not find a research question about why I am doing this and what problem could I solve.


I supposed that I need to do much deeper research into the fashion industry, understanding what problems are the fashion industry facing now and what issues are the fashion circle discussing about. I need to find out how could I make a better life by building my brand and what can my brand bring to the people which can differentiate SHANGLI from all other brands.


Furthermore, I think I could start with the perspective of “corporate social responsibility” (CSR). According to David Crowther and Güler Aras, one of the definitions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is concerned with the relationship between a corporate and the local society which it resides or operates. (Corporate Social Responsibility, 2008, p.10) I want to create a brand not only commercialized but also meaningful. After all, making a better world is the core value of design management.




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